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XP95 optical smoke detector
XP95 optical smoke detector

XP95 optical smoke detector

The XP95 optical smoke detector is included in the BOSEC B-9072-FD-954 - EN54-13 certificate of the MD2400(L) analogue addressable fire detection system. 

The XP95 optical smoke detector is composed of a white, flame-retardant polycarbonate housing. The smoke detector is equipped with a clear indicator LED, which is red in case of an alarm, and a unique addressing mechanism, the XPert card. The XPert card is placed in the base of the detector, while the base is completely free of electronics.

The XP95 optical smoke detector works on the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow burning or smouldering fires are likely.

  • responds well to slow burning, smouldering fires
  • well suited to escape routes
  • unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure

Within the case is a printed circuit board which on one side has the light proof labyrinth chamber with integral gauze surrounding the optical measuring system and on the other the address capture, signal processing and communications electronics.

An infrared light emitting diode within its collimator is arranged at an obtuse angle to the photo-diode. The photo-diode has an integral daylight blocking filter.

The infrared LED emits a burst of collimated light every second. In clear air the photo-diode receives no light directly from the infrared LED because of the angular arrangement and the dual mask. When smoke enters the chamber, it scatters photons from the emitter infrared LED onto the photo-diode in an amount related to the smoke characteristics and density.

The microprocessor in the MD2400(L) fire alarm control panel compares the received signals with the stored data and initiates, with increasing smoke concentrations, respectively a pre-alarm or an alarm announcement.

Technical details

Description XP95 optical smoke detector
Code 085003
Apollo Part No 55000-620LIM
BOSEC Certificate B-9077-FD-K 030
Certificate of Constancy of Performance 2531-CPR-CSP10924 - EN54-7:2000/A1:2002/A2:2006
Materials Housing: white polycarbonate V-0 (UL94) - Terminals: nickel plated stainless steel
Dimensions (Ø x H) 100x42mm
Weight 105 g
Detection principle Light scatter principle
Sensor Silicon PIN photo-diode
Emitter GaAs infra-red light emitting diode
Supply voltage 17 - 28Vdc
Quiescent current 340µA
Alarm LED current 4mA
Alarm indicator Clear LED emitting red light
Terminal functions +R & -R: connection remote indicator
Remote LED current 5mA maximum
Sensitivity Nominal response threshold value of 0.12dB/m when measured in accordance with EN54-7
IP rating IP44
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Effect of wind speed Unaffected by wind
Supply wiring Two wire supply - polarity insensitive