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MD644 - 4-zone fire alarm control panel
MD644 - 4-zone fire alarm control panel
MD644 - 4-zone fire alarm control panel

MD644 - 4-zone fire alarm control panel

The MD644 conventional fire detection and fire warming system for buildings, has been designed in accordance with European Standards EN54-2:1997/A1:2006 and EN54-4:1997/A1:2002/A2:2006 and has the EC-Certificate of Conformity 1134-CPD-106.

The MD644 fire alarm control panel is a compact, non-modular control panel equipped as standard with 4 zones which, in case of a fire alarm or failure, activates a common monitored output and common relay contacts.

The MD644 fire alarm control panel is mounted in a plastic housing. This housing contains the operator console, the power supply and the back-up batteries. The operator console of the control panel is connected to the motherboard via a flat cable.

Each zone has an individual LED indicator for signalling “Fire alarm”, “Fault” and “Zone disabled” and an individual “Zone disable” pushbutton.

The MD644 fire alarm control has 2 operating levels. Both levels are set using a key switch.

In the first operating level, only the green “Alarm silence” and “Test LED” buttons are available.

In the second operating level, the orange buttons “System reset”, “Sounders off” and the push buttons “Zone disable” for the individual disabling of zones are also available.

The MD644 control panel is equipped with a built-in 27V 0.8A+0.25A power supply and contains back-up batteries to keep the system functional in case of a mains failure.

Technical details

Description MD644 - 4-zone fire alarm control panel
Code 064500
EC Certificate of conformity 1134-CPD-106
Declaration of performance (DoP) DOP-MD644-2013
Materials housing Plastic base with front console in ABS
Dimensions (LxWxD) 253x327x100mm
Mains input voltage 230Vac 50Hz
System operating voltage 27Vdc
Short circuit protection Fuse 200mA (Fast) per zone
Built-in power supply 27V 0.8A+0.25A
Batteries - Type 2x 12V 2.3Ah - Genesis
Quiescent current 110mA
Alarm current 175mA
Auxiliary current consumption Maximum 200mA
Maximum load monitored output 10 ROSHNI RoLP sounders
Tension detection line 20Vdc ± 2%
Open line indication Current less than 3mA
Alarm current Current between 14mA and 200mA
EOL resistors - Detection line: 2K2 ¼ W
- Monitored output: 10K ¼ W
Acoustical signals Continuous signal for fire alarm and fault
Common outputs - 1 double volt free changeover contact ''Fire alarm'' (3A/230Vac – resistive load)
- 1 volt free changeover contact (Fail-Safe) “Fault” (1A/30Vdc)
- 3 transistor outputs ''Fire alarm'', ''Fault'' and ''Fault power supply'' (50mA inductive load; 80mA resistive load)
Common inputs - 1 input 'Fault wiring acoustical alarm devices' for the connection of the fault signal of an external module with an additional monitored input
- 1 test input to activate the fire alarm and/or sounder relay contact
- 1 input for the external operation of the remote silence function
Alarm output per zone 1 transistor output (open collector) for the connection of maximum 2 repeater panels or to activate an additonal relay contact per zone
(50mA inductive load: 80mA resistive load)
Built-in options with requirements according to EN54-2 Output to the fire alarm devices (output type C) (§ 7.8)
Date of manufacture We refer to the CE marking on the control panel
Other technical data We refer to the document HD0644N05A available for inspection at the manufacturer
Notified body ANPI:1134