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MD300 - 16-zone fire alarm control panel

MD300 - 16-zone fire alarm control panel

The MD300, conventional fire detection and fire warning system for buildings, has been designed in accordance with European Standards EN54-2:1997/A1:2006 and EN54-4:1997/A1:2002/A2:2006 and has the EC-Certificate of Conformity 1134-CPD-113;

The MD300 control panel with microcontroller is equipped with 16 zones and is mounted in a self-extinguishing plastic housing with transparent door.

The MD300 control panel is equipped with a Touch screen and four capacitive buttons ("Alarm silence", "System reset", "Evacuation" and "Delayed evacuation") for operating the control panel. Each condition, such as "Fire alarm", "Fault", "Zone disabled" or "In test", is displayed on the Touch screen and by means of general LED indicators.

The MD300 control panel stores the last 250 messages and operations performed in a non-volatile memory. The contents of the logbook can be retrieved via the Touch screen.

The MD300 control panel is equipped as standard with an RS232 serial port, which allows the programming of a number of additional parameters using a PC and the MD300 licensed configuration software.

The MD300 control panel has 2 access levels, the second level is password protected.

By means of the RS485 I/O bus, the MD300 control panel can be extended with MD300 repeater panels and MD300 external relay cards.

The MD300 control panel is equipped with a built-in 27V 1A+0,6A power supply and contains back-up batteries to keep the system functional for at least 24 hours in case of a mains failure.

Technical details

Description MD300 - 16-zone fire alarm control panel
Code 030001
EC Certificate of Conformity 1134-CPD-113
Declaration of Performance DOP-MD300-2013
Materials & Colour housing Self-extinguishing plastic housing - RAL 7035
Dimensions (HxWxD) 470x410x150mm
Mains input voltage 230Vac 50Hz
System operating voltage 27Vdc
Short circuit protection Monitored by software (electronic fuse)
Built-in power supply 27V 1A+0.6A
Batteries - Type Minimum 2x 12V 7Ah - Maximum 2x 12V 12Ah - Genesis
Relay outputs - 3 monitored outputs
- 5 double voltage-free changeover contacts (2A/30Vdc) of which 1 Fail-Safe fault relay
Quiescent current - Without back-light: 190mA
- With back-light: 220mA
Auxiliary current consumption Maximum 750mA
Maximum load monitored output 500mA per output
Loop voltage 27Vdc
EOL resistors - Detection line: 3K9 1/2W
- Monitored output: 10K 1/4W
Acoustical signals Pulsing tone for fault and continuous tone for alarm
Serial ports - RS485 I/O bus for the connection of repeater panels and external relay cards
- RS232 for programming the control panel
Number of repeater panels Maximum 8
Number of relay cards Maximum 8 16-channel relay cards equipped with 2 monitored outputs (1.1A) and 14 voltage-free changeover contacts (3A/30Vdc)
Built-in options with requirements according to EN54-2/A1:2006 - Output to the fire alarm devices (output type C) (§ 7.8)
- Control of fire alarm routing equipment (§ 7.9)
- Output to the fire alarm routing equipment (output to E) (§ 9.1)
- Delays to outputs (§ 7.11)
Date of manufacture We refer to the CE marking on the control panel
Other technical data We refer to the document HD0300N02A available for inspection at the manufacturer
Notified body ANPI:1134