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MD2400 printer
MD2400 printer

MD2400 printer

The MD2400 printer is mounted into a plastic housing. The MD2400 printer prints out all alarm and fault messages and all actions taken, stating the date and time.

The communication between the MD2400 or MD2400L fire alarm control panel and the MD2400 printer is done by means of an RS485 I/O data bus. A maximum of 8 MD2400 printers can be connected to a MD2400 or MD2400L fire alarm control panel.

For the 24V power supply of the MD2400 printer, a separate cable must be provided, the section of which depends on the length of the cable and the total power consumption connected to the cable. The power supply of the I/O data bus must never be used to power the MD2400 printer !

If the MD2400 printer is connected to a MD2400L fire alarm control panel, a separate 24V power supply must be provided for this printer. The internal power supply of the MD2400L control panel should never be used to power the MD2400 printer.

Technical details

Description MD2400 printer
Code 241142
Construction Plastic substructure
Dimensions (L x W x D) 253x327x54mm
Supply voltage 27Vdc
Terminal voltage 5Vdc
Quiescent current 60mA
Current when printing 1A (peak current)
Column capacity 24 characters per line
Printing speed 1,7 lines per second
Printing mechanism EPSON M-180
Number of printers Maximum 8 MD2400 printers per fire alarm control panel