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ORBIS heat detector A1R
ORBIS heat detector A1R

ORBIS heat detector A1R

The ORBIS heat detector is a conventional detector composed of a white, fire retardant polycarbonate housing.

The classification of the heat detectors in the European Standard EN54-5 is based on the maximum admissible temperature at which the detector can operate. The range of ORBIS heat detectors consists of 6 types: A1R, A2S, BR, BS, CR and CS. Heat detectors are used in applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable.

The ORBIS heat detector is equipped with a temperature sensor, which is permanently exposed to the ambient air. Every 2 seconds the sensor measures the ambient temperature. The built-in microprocessor stores the measured value and compares it with a fixed alarm threshold. The microprocessor also determines the rate of temperature rise using an algorithm.

The ORBIS rate-of-rise heat detectors A1R, BR and CR switch to the fire alarm condition in the event of an inadmissible rise in temperature and when a fixed alarm threshold is exceeded (50°C, 65°C and 80°C respectively).

The ORBIS static heat detectors A2S, BS and CS only switch to the alarm condition when a fixed alarm threshold is exceeded (50°C, 65°C and 80°C respectively).

The TimeSaver base is designed for fast installation and allows the cabling to be checked without the presence of a detector. During commissioning, StartUp signals the correct connection and operation of the detector by means of a red flashing LED.

Technical details

Description ORBIS heat detector A1R
Code 065330
Apollo Part No ORB-HT-11001-APO
Code ORBIS detector base 065300: ORBIS detector base - Apollo Part No: ORB-MB-00001-APO
Certificate of Constancy of Performance 2531-CPR-CSP10954 - EN54-5:2000/A1:2002
Materials Housing: white polycarbonate - Terminals: stainless steel
Dimensions (Ø x H) 97x36mm
Weight 70 g
Detection principle Measurement of heat by means of a thermistor
Supply voltage 8.5 - 33Vdc
Quienscent current 95µA
Alarm current 20mA@12Vdc - 40mA@24Vdc
Alarm resistor 600Ω
Alarm reset time 1 second
Alarm indicator Integral indicator with 360° visibility
Remote indicator External 1K2 series resistor via LED to 27Vdc
IP rating IP44
Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Humidity 0% to 98% (no condensation or icing)
Wind speed Insensitive to wind
Supply wiring Two wire supply - polarity sensitive
Variants - 065331: ORBIS heat detector A2S (50°C) - Apollo Part No: ORB-HT-11002-APO
- 065332: ORBIS heat detector BR (65°C) - Apollo Part No: ORB-HT-11003-APO
- 065333: ORBIS heat detector BS (65°C) - Apollo Part No: ORB-HT-11004-APO
- 065334: ORBIS heat detector CR (80°C) - Apollo Part No: ORB-HT-11005-APO
- 065335: ORBIS heat detector CS (80°C) - Apollo Part No: ORB-HT-11006-APO