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ORBIS multisensor detector
ORBIS multisensor detector
ORBIS multisensor detector

ORBIS multisensor detector

The ORBIS multisensor smoke detector is a conventional detector, composed of a white, fire retardant polycarbonate housing. Multisensor smoke detectors are recognized as good detectors for general use, but are also very suitable for early detection of fires with a rapid temperature rise with minimal smoke development.

The ORBIS multisensor smoke detector is equipped with two sensors, one for smoke and one for heat, with the alarm decision derived from either sensor or combination of both. The optical sensor is identical to the one in the ORBIS optical smoke detector. However, the sensitivity is affected by a heat detection element, which makes the detector more responsive to quickly flammable fires.

The most important features of the ORBIS multisensor smoke detector are:

  • responds well to fast burning, flaming fires
  • the TimeSaver base is designed for fast installation and allows the cabling to be checked without the presence of a detector
  • built-in algorithms filter out momentary, abnormal signals and reduce false alarms
  • automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert, a yellow flashing LED, for easy identification of dirty detectors
  • during commissioning, StartUp signals the correct connection and operation of the detector by means of a red flashing LED
  • Fas Test only takes four seconds to test and confirm that the detector is functioning correctly and reduces maintenance time
  • the DustDefy system prevents the ingress of dust while maintaining airflow

Technical details

Description ORBIS multisensor detector
Code 065310
Apollo Part No ORB-OH-13001-APO
Code ORBIS detector base 065300: ORBIS detector base - Apollo Part No: ORB-MB-00001-APO
Certificate of Constancy of Performance 2531-CPR-CSP11156 - EN54-7:2000/A1:2002/A2:2006
Materials Housing: white polycarbonate - Terminals: stainless steel
Dimensions (Ø x H) 97x42mm
Weight 75 g
Detection principle Light scattering controlled by temperature sensor
Supply voltage 8.5 - 33Vdc
Quiescent current 95µA
Alarm current 20mA@12Vdc - 40mA@24Vdc
Alarm resistor 600Ω
Alarm reset time 1 second
Alarm indicator Integral indicator with 360° visibility
Remote indicator External 1K2 series resistor via LED to 27Vdc
IP rating IP44
Operation temperature -40°C to +70°C
Humidity 0% to 98% RH (no condensation or icing)
Wind speed Insensitive to wind
Supply wiring Two wire supply - polarity sensitive