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Company info

Limotec BV, founded in 1983, is a leading Belgian manufacturer of fire, gas and CO detection systems.

Verstatility, speed in design and a constant care for the highest quality and service are our most important assests.

Since October 2018 Limotec BV is part of Halma plc (U.K.) and operates within the division "Infrastructure Safety Sector".

Company info

Limotec BV has the objective of designing, developing, manufacturing and providing service on the fire and gas detection systems. Our main activities are:

  • Design, development and production of BOSEC certified fire detection systems.
  • Design, development and production of gas & CO detection systems.
  • Organising training on the installation, programming and commissioning of Limotec fire & gas detection systems.
  • Techno-commercial assistance by our sales team in designing new fire & gas detection projects.
  • Offering total solutions through close cooperation with partner suppliers of complementary products.
  • Technical assistance by our helpdesk & field engineers with the start-up and after-sales service on fire & gas detection installations.

Limotec BV is a member of Agoria Fire Technologies.


  • 1983: Limotec PVBA was founded on 28 December 1983 by Marc Osten and Danny Snauwaert with the aim of designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing fire and gas detection systems. The registrered office is located at Kasteelstraat 39A in Hulste.
  • 1984: The MD100 modular conventional fire alarm control panel and the MD700 gas detection system are the first Limotec systems on the Belgian market.
  • 1985: Limotec launches the MD1000 fire alarm control panel. This is the first addressable fire alarm control panel on the Belgian market.
  • 1987: Limotec receives the West Flemish prize for "Best Company Policy" and the special prize for "Best Starter".
  • 1989: Conversion of limotec PVBA ot Limotec NV and increase of the capital to 250.000 €.
  • 1990: For the first time, Limotec looks beyond the borders of the Benelux and participates SICUR in Madrid, where the new MD2000 analogue addressable fire alarm control panel is officially presented. Shortly afterwards, the first MD2000 control panel is installed in Spain. Exports to other countries (Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.) are beginning to take off.
  • 1992 : The original company building gradually becomes too small. In order to expand the production capacity, a new office and production area at the existing location in Hulste is being built.
  • 1993: Limotec wins several prestige projects in Belgium: Nike's European distribution centre in Laakdal and the Wijnegem Shopping Centre. The beginning of a period of constant growth !
  • 1995: Limotec is present on the World Wide Web with its own website
  • 1996: Limotec obtains the ISO 9002:1994 certificate.
  • 1998: Limotec exists 15 years ! As a token of appreciation for its staff, Limotec is organising a visit to the World Fair in Lisbon.
  • 1999: Limotec designs and manufactures the IMC2000 burglar alarm control panel on behalf of the Flemish government. In addition to the Limotec fire alarm control panels, the Flemish churches, museums and other historical buildings are now also equipped with a high-performance burglar alarm control panel.
  • 2002: Limotec obtains the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
  • 2006: There is no room for further expansion at the location in Hulste. Limotec buys the current business premises in Bosstraat 21, Vichte-Anzegem and moves to the new buildings on 6 January 2006. This will secure the further expansion and the future of Limotec.
  • 2008: Silver jubilee. The warehouse of Limotec is transformed into a Moroccan marquee and the staff, customers and suppliers are invited to celebrate this together. Limotec also obtains the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
  • 2009: Innovation and improvement are very important in Limotec. As as successor to the MD2000, the new MD2400 analogue addessable fire alarm control panel is lauched.
  • 2010: Limotec launches the MD300 conventional fire alarm control panel.
  • 2012: Limotec NV becomes Limotec BVBA. As an extension to the MD2400 range, the new MD2400L analogue addressable fire alarm control panel is lauched.
  • 2013: The new MD780 gas & carbon monoxide detection system is launched.
  • 2015: Limotec's turnover exceeds the treshold of 5.000.00,00 € for the first time.
  • 2017: Limotec obtains the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
  • 2018: An AED is installed in the Limotec company building and all employees attend a course in CPR which will give Limotec the label "Heart Safe Company".
  • 18 October 2018 : Limotec becomes part of the HALMA group of companies. HALMA is a FTSE Top 100 listed PLC with over 40 subsidiaries worldwide.
  • 2019: The new MD2400SA analogue addressable fire alarm control panel in combination with the Apollo SOTERIA fire detectors based on the CoreProtocol®  is introduced to the customers. Investements are also being made in a new website and in the implementation of a new ERP system.